True Blue Communications Guide and Assets

The True Blue campaign is an ongoing internal communications strategy that connects UB students, faculty, staff, alumni and families, inspiring them to demonstrate pride while fostering engagement with the university. It highlights passionate people who show their pride every day, whether that’s through an outward expression of spirit, a commitment to service or a notable achievement. 

Get Blue Fridays ➡ True Blue Fridays

Wearing blue on Fridays is still a university tradition to show our collective pride.

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Graphics and Logos

You are encouraged to use the True Blue ribbon graphic on communications that relate to the campaign, such as posters, digital displays, giveaways and merchandise, social media posts, and more. Marks are available in various sizes and orientations to meet different spatial and contextual needs.


  • Follow standard branding guidelines where applicable. The True Blue ribbon graphics are under the same Trademarks and Licensing governance as other official university logos and lockups.
  • Use adequate clear space around the True Blue mark. Approximately the full cap height of the letter B should be observed around the perimeter of the ribbon. No other logos or lockups should infringe on that space.
  • The ribbon may be applied over photos, illustrations or other graphic elements to indicate inclusion within the campaign.
  • Include a secondary reference such as the university's full name, master brand mark, a unit lockup, an athletics wordmark, #UBuffalo, #UBTrueBlue or a web address. The initials UB, the spirit mark on its own and the interlocking UB do not qualify as a secondary reference.
  • True Blue and #UBTrueBlue can be shown in plain text.
  • Use a TM after True Blue  for merchandise and an SM for all other instances. These versions of the ribbon are supplied within the file. 
True Blue ribbon.
clear space for True Blue ribbon.
True Blue ribbon over social media post.

Little Victor

Little Victor is an officially recognized trademark and a registered copyright of the University. This set of graphics is part of the True Blue initiative and available for use in a limited capacity across prideful marketing communications. As such, all versions will follow the same Trademarks and Licensing governance as other established trademarks.

Little Victor set.

Usage Guidelines

These select Little Victor graphics are available for limited applications beyond social media to build pride and foster engagement within our community. Usage of these graphics is tightly regulated by University Communications and should always be employed in accordance with the following guidelines:


This suite of Little Victor graphics is available for use in digital applications, collateral, environmental signage and departmental gifts, commemorative items and other merchandise meant to instill pride with the university.

Examples may include:

  • Communications collateral (e.g., brochure about student clubs)
  • Digital applications (e.g., social media, chatbot)
  • Environmental installations (e.g., True Blue photo spot signs)
  • Departmental gifts or commemorative items (e.g., an ornament)

Secondary Reference

Any time Little Victor is used, one of the following secondary references must be used: The University at Buffalo name, master brand mark, unit lockup, #UBuffalo, UBuffalo, #UBTrueBlue or a web address. The initials UB, spirit mark and interlocking UB do not qualify as a secondary reference. A secondary reference requirement is not necessary for on-campus environmental applications as there are abundant secondary references present that localize the mark to the university.

Unit Separation

Clear separation must be maintained between Little Victor and official names of units or programs, which could be misinterpreted as an official mark for that entity. This misinterpretation, coupled with repeated application, can lead to greater prominence, usage and recognition rather than the official brand extension or sub-brand lockup. However, Little Victor may be applied together or joined with the True Blue ribbon above.

Do Not Modify

University Communications is solely responsible for creating and managing all Little Victor graphics. Always use the provided artwork without modification. Do not add to, remove from, adjust or alter the elements in any way.

Reproduction Limits

This is a full, 4+ color mark only and cannot be produced over black backgrounds or items to maintain the integrity of the design. Color blanks are also not permitted to substitute a color within Little Victor (ex. blue t-shirt). Designs will not be available in a one-color variation. Cropping is permitted in most applications, as long as the interlocking UB remains visible. As a reminder, Trademarks and Licensing must approve all Little Victor applications other than social media content and communications collateral. The designs cannot be applied on any items that are for sale, including fundraisers, through student groups or a university unit, and only may be used for free giveaways. All merchandise, including promotional items, will be subject to 13% royalty fees.

In Context

Little Victor must never be used in association with questionable or explicit content or content that disparages the university.

Access Little Victor Graphics

Complete the form below to request Little Victor graphics. You will be automatically directed to a page to download each version available

Editorial Direction

Assess the prideful events, content and communications you currently have in place or planned, and find ways of integrating True Blue graphics and language into them. True Blue spirit is not limited to one specific activity or context—it can be any example of pride in or excitement about UB, our community or our accomplishments. 

When referencing True Blue in running copy or headlines, it should always appear in title case. 

Web Modules

Evaluate your current web pages to look for logical places and pages to include a reference or button to the True Blue site. The modules serve as a pride-building connection and a prompt to share spirit. You can integrate the following shared content references as indicated below.

Access all modules at this UBCMS link:


Combined Banner and Instagram Gallery

For use only on 'One Column' pages.

True Blue Banner.

This is what it means to be #UBTrueBlue.

Medium Column Banner

For use on ‘Three Column’ page templates, as well as ‘Six Column’ sections of column controls.

True Blue Banner.

What makes you #UBTrueBlue?

Narrow Column Banner

For use in right sidebars and 'Three Column’ sections of column controls.

True Blue Banner.

What makes you #UBTrueBlue?

Iconic Locations Banner

Iconic Places on Campus

Say 'Blue Cheese!' Capture True Blue memories at these spots, well-known for their scenic beauty and ideal photo ops. 

Zoom Backgrounds

A full suite of background images has been developed to share your True Blue pride whether you're working on campus or off.

Graphical backgrounds

Photo Backgrounds

Unit Templates

This campaign aims to showcase the unique connections real people have to UB and the personal reasons they are proud to be part of our community. This PowerPoint template provides a framework to visually display such individuals. Instructional copy is also included to help you identify what makes an individual True Blue. You may choose to use this approach on digital displays, in departmental presentations or as printed flyers. 

True Blue Individual Highlight template.