Student Group Logo

To qualify as a student group, a group must be officially recognized by one of the seven student governments or by a university department.

Example of a 2-line horizontal student group lockup.

An example of a two-line horizontal student group lockup

Are you a Student Association group?

Please review the Student Association guidelines here

Student Groups Are Sponsored Brands

Within the UB brand, student groups are considered sponsored brands. There are two options students have to visually represent a club.  

1. Use the spirit mark template. In order to join your student group’s name with the spirit mark, you must use the logo construction here and follow the directions in this section. Using the spirit mark in the manner shown below is the only permissible way to join your club’s name with a UB trademark.

Developing a recognizable identity for any organization requires repeated exposure to a single visual element. As we work to build the spirit mark into a recognizable emblem associated with the University at Buffalo, it must be presented consistently within a structure that ensures clarity and reinforces quality, and must not be altered. Likewise for student groups, it’s important to choose a logo and apply it consistently. By using this new student group logo, your club’s identity will gain recognition through its association with the UB brand.

2. Create your own logo. However, it cannot be combined with the master brand lockup or any other UB trademark. You are also not permitted to use elements of UB trademarks, such as the interlocking UB or crest, within your own logo. In the text part of your logo, you may use the initials UB, but you may not use University at Buffalo or UBuffalo. Please also submit this form to demonstrate your logo is original artwork and not copied from another entity. 

When promoting your student club through digital, print or merchandise applications, you are not required to use UB trademarks. You may use university trademarks, but they cannot be joined with the club's name to form a new mark. You must adhere to all brand guidelines when applying university trademarks. Please find examples that demonstrate how to properly use a club’s name and logo in conjunction with university marks here.

Logo Configurations

Only the configurations you see here are permitted. The club’s name can never appear above or to the left of the pentagon.

One-line horizontal configuration

Two-line horizontal configuration

Three-line horizontal configuration

One-line stacked configuration

Two-line stacked configuration

Three-line stacked configuration

Emblem Border

Please note that there is a built-in white border around the perimeter of the club emblem. This border is intentional. It creates a visual barrier between the emblem and the background color.