Student Association (SA) Identity Guidelines

When creating merchandise and other forms of collateral on behalf of an SA club, please adhere to the guidelines below, which indicate how to properly incorporate official university marks, names, typefaces and more. 

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Please contact Trademarks and Licensing at or 645-4585.

Sponsored Brand

All student associations are considered sponsored brands and must adhere to sponsored brand identity guidelines when creating apparel, posters or other promotional material. Sponsored brands are formally affiliated with the university and may have their own marks or identities (example A), but may also use the master brand lockup (example B)—particularly in promotional items.

Example A

UB Field Hockey club mark.

Example B

UB Field Hockey club mark used in conjunction with UB master brand lockup. Note the clear space between the two marks.

Trademark Symbol

If an SA club is using one of the university’s formal lockups, logos or name, the merchandise version of these marks must be used, which have the ® or ™ symbols. All uses must be approved by the Trademarks and Licensing office at


Interlocking UB with registered symbol.

UB spirit mark with trademark symbol.

Formal academic name with registered symbol*.

*The university name is trademarked and therefore requires a registered symbol in all instances.

Clear Space

If using any official word mark or logo, place adequate clear space around all sides.

Master Brand Lockup

When using the master brand lockup, a space equal to three times the width of the interlocking UB should be observed around the perimeter of the logo.

Spirit Mark

When using the spirit mark, measure from the tip of the horn to the top of the bull’s head to determine the minimum amount of clear space. This measurement should be observed around the perimeter of the mark.

X=distance from tip of horn to top of head

Formal Academic Name

When using the formal academic name to represent the university instead of a master brand lockup, use the height of the largest letterform to determine the minimum amount of clear space. This measurement should be observed around the perimeter of the name. These stylized versions of the formal academic name are only acceptable in merchandise, when it is not possible to use the master brand lockup.

X=height of the largest letterform

Master Brand Lockups

An SA club may choose to use one of the master brand lockups. However, the SUNY modifier version should only be used to raise awareness among new audiences who are not familiar with SUNY. You cannot combine these marks with other visuals, logos or text, and they must have appropriate clear space on all sides.

Primary Master Brand Lockup

Primary Lockup

Primary SUNY Lockup


RIGHT: An appropriate amount of clear space is present between the club's mark and the master brand lockup.

WRONG: The master brand lockup is too close to the club's mark.

University Names

Formal Academic Name

University at Buffalo

Informal Academic Name


If an SA club chooses to include the formal academic name, it cannot be aligned with any other imagery and must adhere to the clear space rule. The informal academic name may be used in direct relation to the club’s name as long as UB is not represented in a logo or connected to form a new word.


RIGHT: The university’s formal academic name is used in combination with a club’s name. No additional imagery or graphics are used, and the required amount of clear space is observed.

WRONG: The university’s formal academic name is used with additional imagery, and the minimum amount of clear space is not observed.

Please Note:

Stylized versions of the formal academic name as depicted above are only acceptable in merchandise, when it is not possible to use the master brand lockup.


RIGHT: The university’s informal academic name is used as part of the club’s name with a clear division between words.

WRONG: The university’s informal academic name is used to create the word “UBatting,” which is not allowed.

Additional Graphics and Logos

SA clubs may use additional graphics and logos to represent the organization, but these marks cannot be used in conjunction with the master brand lockup or full university name, as per the clear space rules above.


RIGHT: The informal academic name is used appropriately without any other official UB trademarks.

WRONG: The interlocking UB is used inside the club's graphic to form a new mark.

Spirit Mark and Interlocking UB

These marks can never appear alone and must always have clear space. A supporting reference should always be present, such as University at Buffalo, Buffalo, UB, the master mark or even a URL.


RIGHT: The spirit mark has adequate clear space around all sides and a supporting “Buffalo” reference is used.

WRONG: There is no reference to UB or Buffalo and there is not enough clear space around the spirit mark. 


If using UB trademarks, please use our official brand typefaces, More Pro or Sofia Pro. If you do not have a license for these typefaces, use Arial or Georgia as a replacement. The Athletics typeface cannot be used in any application unless you obtain written permission from the Athletics Department.

Sofia Pro



1234567890 !@#$%^&*()_+[]{}

More Pro



1234567890 !@#$%^&*()_+[]{}

Typeface Substitution

Default typeface substitution for Sofia Pro is Arial and for More Pro is Georgia.

SA Logo

Don’t forget to include the SA logo on your material. Please make sure there’s appropriate clear space around all marks.

How to Create Merchandise

Once an item is developed using the rules above, please follow these simple steps to move your item from design into production. 

STEP 1: Choose a vendor
STEP 2: Obtain trademark approval from Trademarks and Licensing office
STEP 3: Confirm trademark approval with SA advisor
Proceed with production

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