When you put all the elements together, “Here is how” comes to life. These examples show how the rules and best practices outlined in the UB brand guidelines look, sound and feel in finished pieces. 

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Examples Index:


Undergraduate Viewbook
Cover and pages of U B undergraduate admissions print viewbook.

Creative elements used

Photography: All categories

Format: 8.5" x 8.5", 28 pages plus cover, coated silk stock

Graphic Elements: Lines (various), ends (various), bullets (open and solid) and pie charts

Typography: Sofia Pro (main), More Pro, Freeland

Color: UB Blue (main) and various secondary colors

More viewbook examples

Libraries Viewbook.
School of Nursing Viewbook.
UB School of Law Viewbook.
School of Public Health and Health Professions Viewbook.
SPHHP Undergrad Brochure.

Postcards, Flyers and Posters

Career Services Interview Kit
images of the Career Services the interview kit.


Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro

Color: UB Blue, Lake LaSalle, Letchworth Autumn, Victor E. Blue, Greiner Green

Graphic Elements: Line-Dashed, Line-Solid, End-Triangle, End-Simple Wide

Photography: Environmental Portraits, Here, Who

Resume Road Map Format: 22" x 17", 5.5" x 8.5" (folded) 70# uncoated text

Interview Hacks Format: 16" x 5", 4.6" x 5" (folded), 80# super smooth accent opaque  

Career Play Book Format:3" x 5.25", 120# silk cover, round cornering, die cut hole

More postcard, flyer and poster examples

Health and Recovery Card.
Here to Career Handout.
Counseling Services Poster.
On Campus Health Care Poster.
Career Play Book.

Brochures, Guides and Reports

Strategic Plan
Cover and pages School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Strategic Plan.

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro

Color: UB Blue, Letchworth Autumn, Lake LaSalle, Olmsted Elm, Solar Strand, Greiner Green, Victor E. Blue

Graphic Elements: Line-Solid, End-Bar, End-Simple Wide, Bullet-Solid, Pattern

Photography: Environmental portraits, How

Format: 9" x 9", 28 pgs, coated silk stock, embossed cover

More brochure, guide and report examples

Impact Study.
Boldly Buffalo Report to Donors.
Campus Living Summer Conference Brochure.
UB Marching Band Brochure.

Newsletters and Magazines

College Matters
Cover and pages of print College Matters newsletter.

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro, More Pro

Photography: Various

Color: UB Blue, Letchworth Autumn, Solar Strand, Baird Point, Capen Brick, Victor E. Blue, Niagara Whirlpool

Graphic Elements: Various

Format: 8.5" x 11", 8 pgs

More newsletter and magazine examples

At Buffalo Spring 2019.
UB Neighbor.
Libraries Magazine.
Buffalo Engineer Magazine.

Event Collateral

Communicators Conference
Event Collateral or the 2019 Communicators Conference.

Email invitation, program, website and table signage for a professional development conference.

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro

Color: UB Blue, Hayes Hall White, Greiner Green, Townsend Gray

Photography: None

Graphic Elements: Line-Dashed, Bullet-Open, Ends-Circle

More event collateral examples

Critical Conversation Poster shows colored gears meshing together. .

Critical Conversations Poster

DifCon poster showing two heads in red and in blue overlapped with type and pattern.

DifCon Poster

Seth Godin Printed Invitation.
Theatre and Dance Promo Card.
JSMBS Opening Event Program.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Event Program.

Print and Digital Advertising

One Ad, Three Ways
Ad in blue with white graphics and type.

One color (UB Blue) with custom graphic linework.

Ad in white with type and graphics in tints of black.

Tints of black with brand linework.

Ad with color photograph and white type.

Full color. Photographic approach would also work in black and white.

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro

Color: UB Blue, Black tint

Photography: How

Graphic Elements: Line-Solid, End-Triangle, Brand Pattern (detail)

More print and digital advertising examples

Print ad with bee photo about artificial intelligence.

Print ad for Chronicle of Higher Education

Mobile ad.

Mobile ad  

human ub ad.

Print ad for Chronicle of Higher Education

Display banner.

Display banner ad on BuffaloNews.com

Nostalgia ad.

Nostalgia Ad

Mobile ad.

Mobile ad

Integrated Campaign

Student Life True Success Campaign
Depictions of Student Life's "True" campaign promotional materials.

Posters, digital display ad, table-tent signage and mobile phone card.

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro

Color: Solar Strand, Victor E. Blue

Graphic Elements: Pattern 8

Photography: Who and Environmental Portraits

More integrated campaign examples

UBThisSummer Poster.

Merchandise and Miscellaneous Items

Coffee sleeves, calendar, approved t-shirts, pens and mugs

Creative elements used

Typography: Sophia Pro, Freeland, More Pro

Color: UB Blue, Greiner Green, Letchworth Autumn, Solar Strand, Victor E. Blue, Lake LaSalle, Bronze Buffalo, Capen Brick, Niagara Whirlpool, Townsend Gray

Graphic Elements: Line-Dashed, Line-Solid, End-Simple Wide, End-Bar

Environmental Graphics

Building banners, walkways, mail truck graphics, wall graphics, table-top banners and elevator wraps

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro, Freeland

Color: UB Blue, Hayes Hall White, Victor E. Blue, Lake LaSalle, Olmsted Elm, Letchworth Autumn

Graphic Elements: Line-Dashed, Line-Solid, End-Triangle, End-Simple Wide, Brand Pattern (detail)


State of the University Address Email Invitation.
School of Law e-newsletter.
UB Business Day Email Invitation.
job search boot camp email.

Creative elements used

Typography: Arial (default), Georgia (default)

Color: UB Blue, Townsend Gray, Solar Strand

Graphic Elements: Lines-Dashed & Solid

Photography: Here, Who


A safe return to campus video
Precious Sediment video
A glow-in-the-dark battery technology video
Here is How video
Spider Venom Video
Leading the charge video

Creative elements used

Typography: Sofia Pro, Freeland, More Pro

Color: UB Blue, Hayes Hall White

Graphic Elements: Lines (various), Ends (various)

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