Templates and Tools

These templates define how the UB brand identity functions in general applications, such as presentation decks and branded merchandise, and in purely functional tactics, such as business cards, nametags and stationery.

University stationery is a tangible expression of our brand identity. These standardized designs ensure consistency and impact in our print communications.
Streamline your presentation slideshow—and keep it consistent with the UB brand guidelines—by starting with our PowerPoint template.
Informative, quick and powerfully on-brand, fact sheets are a useful tool for sharing key messages in a concise, easily scannable format. There are two kinds of fact sheets. School fact sheets are for decanal and other academic units. General fact sheets are for general topics related to UB, and can also be used for nonacademic units.
Email campaigns are an effective way to promote your unit. These resources will help you connect your message to the UB brand identity. 
Video is an increasingly prominent and important tool for communication, and text is often utilized—whether as an opener or as captions—to maximize the message. To make sure your video title graphics are clear, credible and on-brand, use these templates available for download.
Use this UB-branded template to create name cards, directional signs or promotional placards for events.
The range of options below makes it easy to create name tags that present you—and the university—in a polished, professional manner.
Portable displays and banners are available to help you professionally represent the UB brand at gatherings, meetings and conferences. 
Presenting research findings at an academic meeting? Use this UB-branded template to create your poster.
Faculty, staff and students can document their UB spirit when they travel by taking photographs with these branded posters. Here is our chance to hold up the “how” for all to see.
Faculty, staff, students and alumni can display their UB spirit with these downloadable designs.
Give your award certificates the polished look they deserve—and make sure they meet the UB brand standards—by using one of the templates below.