Prideful Campus Posters*

This series presents a variety of inspiring views from UB’s three campuses. Posters are printed to order and designed to fit in a standard 36" x 24" frame.

Campus Poster.

*Frame not included.

Order from University Print Services:

Price per poster is $28.50. Finishing options and shipping at additional cost.  

Posters are available for internal purchase only, using university funding such as State, UBF or RF. Personal purchases cannot be accommodated.

Ordering Procedure

Step 1: Choose a poster and note the name and reference number (i.e., Davis Hall, Option 1).

Step 2: Click on the order button above.

Step 3: When you are on the Print Services website, click on “Posters” in the “Order Online” list.

Step 4: Enter your UB email address.

Step 5: Fill in the form as follows:
Original size: 36x24
Finished size: 36x24
Paper type: Semi-gloss photo
Number of copies: Fill in desired quantity
File creation platform: InDesign
Software or file type: PDF
Requested completion date: Fill in date as needed
Additional information: Specify that you are ordering a Prideful Campus Poster and enter the poster name and reference number.

Step 6: Enter billing information.

Step 7: Choose pickup or delivery.

Poster Image Options

Choose from the following options. Be sure to reference the number of your selection when placing your order.

Horizontal Posters:

Poster option 1: Davis Hall.

Option 1: Davis Hall

Poster option 4: Baird Point.

Option 4: Baird Point

Poster option 7: Baird Point.

Option 7: Baird Point

Poster option 10: UB Stadium.

Option 10: UB Stadium

Poster option 13: North Campus at Night.

Option 13: North Campus at Night

Poster option 2: Hayes Hall.

Option 2: Hayes Hall

Poster option 5: Baird Point.

Option 5: Baird Point

Poster option 8: Crosby Hall.

Option 8: Crosby Hall

Poster option 11: Human Interlocking UB.

Option 11: Human Interlocking UB

Poster option 14: South Campus in Winter.

Option 14: South Campus in Winter

Poster option 3: Hayes Hall.

Option 3: Hayes Hall

Poster option 6: Baird Point.

Option 6: Baird Point

Poster option 9: Crosby Hall.

Option 9: Crosby Hall

Poster option 12: Baird Point.

Option 12: Baird Point

Poster option 15: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Option 15: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Vertical Posters

Poster option 16: Davis Hall.

Option 16: Davis Hall

Poster option 19: Go Bulls!

Option 19: Go Bulls!

Poster option 17: Hayes Hall.

Option 17: Hayes Hall

Poster option 18: Abbott Hall.

Option 18: Abbott Hall