Video Title Graphics

Video is an increasingly prominent and important tool for communication, and text is often utilized—whether as an opener or as captions—to maximize the message. To make sure your video title graphics are clear, credible and on-brand, use these templates available for download.

On this page:

Intro Titles

Used at the opening of a video, the following options can help you create info titles that incorporate official brand typefaces and logo lockups to uphold the UB brand expression. Each version is available in blue or gray and is designed to overlay your video image.

Single Level Titles

This option features a two-line title.

Title Card - Blue - Option 1
Title Card - Gray - Option 1

Two Level Titles

This option features a two-line title preceded by a “kicker” title.

Title Card - Blue - Option 2
Title Card - Gray - Option 2

This option features a single-line title followed by a two-line subtitle.

Title Card - Blue - Option 3
Title Card - Gray - Option 3

Lower Third Titles

The following options can be used for captioning to identify the people, places or events on screen.

Lower 3rd - Blue

Lower Third - Blue

Lower 3rd - Gray

Lower Third - Gray

End Card

Make this graphic your video’s closing frame to underscore your UB affiliation and provide useful web and social media information.

Video Outro graphic


Download a package of files that you can use to customize video title graphics for your own video project.

Included in this .ZIP file:

  • Layered Photoshop files to customize text in the intro and lower third title graphics.
  • Transparent .PNG files that you can layer directly into your video editing software.
  • An end card to use as the closing frame of your video.