Brand Training Videos

Gain insight into the various aspects of the UB brand—and how it all works together to tell our story—with these helpful videos. Each one offers practical tips, illustrative examples and answers to common questions. 

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Topics Index

Brand Master Class: Training for UB Communicators

  • UB Brand Master Class (8/19/2016)

    Presenters: Ologie

    This presentation, divided into two sections, dives deep into a range of topics to help ensure that our message, voice and look are on-brand and on-point.

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    Morning Session (Part 1) Index:

    • [0:00–5:20] Review of Objectives
    • [05:20–39:00] Messaging Map Discussion: creation process, successes, challenges and questions
    • [39:00–1:29] Visual Language Review: understanding and incorporating the brand guidelines
    • [1:29–2:25] Our Brand Voice and Tone in Action: key verbal elements of the evolved UB brand within our communications

    Afternoon Session (Part 2) Index:

    • [0:00–35:00] Communications Sharing: a look at what communicators have been working on
    • [35:00–1:21] Building a Great Communication Brief: a walk-through of the aspects of developing future communications
    • [1:21–1:47] Using Video in Compelling Ways: ten tips for creating or using video for storytelling
    • [2:15 – 2:27] Understanding Audiences: tailoring content to intended audience groups 


Building Your Strategy and Messaging

  • Brand to Life (8/11/2016)

    Solutions Group Date: August 11, 2016

    Presenter:  Elena Conti-Blatto


    • [0:50]  Course Welcome and Introduction
    • [2:05]  Showing examples of successful works done to date by UC and units across campus and also works in progress

Best Practices: Learning From Your Peers

  • Brand UI Preview - Continued Evolution | Unit Brand Lessons Learned (12/8/2016)

    Solutions Group Date: December 8, 2016

    Presenters:  Rebecca Bernstein, Joseph Didomizio, Holly Acito, Jackie Hausler & Nick Peterson 


    • [0:00]  Course Welcome and Introduction

              Lessons Learned 

    • [01:44]  Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement:  How our business strategy changed once we examined our focus
    • [15:25]  School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:  Using analytics to narrow our selection of key pages
    • [30:00]  School of Public Health and Health Professions:  Considerations for elevating how your information architecture (IA) performs for your users 
    • [39:33]  School of Public Health and Health Professions: HOW we are changing our story telling efforts (hint: it has to do with videos)

    Brand UI Preview

    • [47:34]  Brand UI: Sharing our thoughts as we evolve the UI


  • Brand UI Preview and Brand Color Theory | Unit Brand Lessons Learned (11/10/2016)

    Solutions Group Date: November 10, 2016

    Presenters:  Rebecca Bernstein, Nick Peterson & Jessica Kane


    • [0:00]   Course Welcome and Introduction
    • [02:45]   Brand User Experience, Identity, Applying your color strategy & New features
    • [40:30]   Case Study:  How International Admission's color strategy supports their business needs
    • [1:03:00]   Timetable for rollout


Writing for the Brand

  • Writing for the Brand (7/14/2016)

    Solutions Group Date: July 14, 2016

    Presenter:  Laura Silverman


    • [1:49]   Course Welcome and Introduction
    • [4:41]   Overview and definitions
    • [5:55]    What we say: brand positioning, attributes, message map
    • [10:24]   How we say it: brand expression, personality traits, Storytelling framework: Here is How
    • [15:29]  Examples & Tips

Capturing the Brand in Our Images

  • Capturing UB’s brand in our Imagery (6/9/2016)

    Solutions Group Date: June 9, 2016

    Presenters:  Rebecca Farnham & Nick Peterson


    • [0:25]  Course Welcome and Introduction
    • [03:55]  A walk through the 7 principles of UB brand imagery
    • [44:25]  What to keep in mind when choosing best imagery
    • [57:04]  Where to find your images (including a preview of the upgraded UB Photo Database)

Professional Tips to Enhance Your Smartphone Photography

Professional Tips to Enhance Your Smartphone Photography

Presenter: Douglas Levere


  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [1:15] My Photography Story: bio and background
  • [7:25] Smartphone vs. DSLR: differences and advantages
  • [10:10] Working with focus
  • [14:03] Cleaning your lens
  • [14:52] Using the rule of thirds as a composition guideline
  • [17:28] Engaging the horizon
  • [19:44] Apps for accessing DSLR camera tools on your smartphone: ISO, shutter speed, aperture
  • [26:19] Photographing movement
  • [29:57] Working with depth of field
  • [33:55] Zooming in
  • [38:30] Using HDR
  • [42:10] Alternative shutter buttons and tripod use
  • [43:28] Adjusting exposure
  • [44:30] Adjusting color
  • [48:36] Switching up perspective
  • [52:13] Taking multiple shots
  • [53:29] Avoiding over-processing