Group Naming

Whether you choose to use the logo construction in this section or not, it’s important to pay special attention to your organization’s name.

Guidance and Restrictions

When considering your organization’s name, please use a descriptive word such as club, group, association, chapter or society. These words differentiate your group from an administrative or academic entity. Your group’s name should never be confused with an official program or department on campus, and should not be misinterpreted to represent the university as a whole. Therefore, in certain circumstances, an organization’s name may need to include additional qualifiers such as “student” or “students”.

Please be aware you are not permitted to use University at Buffalo or UBuffalo in your group’s name.

Group Name Examples

Incorrect: UBuffalo Accounting

Correct: UB Accounting Club

Incorrect: University at Buffalo Rowing Team

Correct: UB Rowing Team

Incorrect: Step Troupe - UBuffalo

Correct: UB Step Troupe or Step Troupe

Descriptive Word Examples

  • Club
  • Chapter
  • Association
  • Student Association OR SA
  • Society
  • Team
  • Group
  • Squad
  • Crew
  • Troupe
  • Circle
  • Student Union
  • Students for
  • Friends of
  • Network