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Using UB’s Lockups

Our logo and wordmark lockup functions as a discrete element with its own specific considerations. It also acts as our signature, which is why we apply additional rules to ensure its consistent use.

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Lockup Color

Our lockup can appear in two colors: UB Blue and White. Black is reserved for use only in cases when color is not an option.

Small-Scale Marks

We have created versions of our lockups specifically for use at small sizes. Please pay close attention to these rules when using our lockups at this scale, in both print and digital applications.

Minimum Sizes

The sizes listed here are the minimum sizes our lockups can appear in any configuration.

Maximum Sizes

The sizes listed here are the maximum sizes at which our small-scale lockups are permitted to appear. If the lockup needs to be larger than this, use the standard wordmark.

It’s okay to use both versions in the same piece of communication. Just remember to follow the size guidelines listed here.

Always use the small-scale wordmarks for digital applications.

Lockup Clear Space

The UB lockup requires a certain amount of space to maximize its presence.

Clear space prevents other graphic elements from interfering with legibility or reproduction.

Unit Lockup Construction

University Communications is responsible for creating and managing unit lockups, and is charged with approving any and all usage of university trademarks in promotional instances—University Communications must be consulted prior to ordering promotional items that use these marks.

Unit Lockup Clear Space

A space equal to the height of the interlocking UB mark should be observed around the entire lockup construction.

Endorsed Clear Space

If you choose to place an endorsed brand mark next to the master brand lockup using a divider line, a space equal to the width of the interlocking UB should be used between these marks. Otherwise, please observe the extended clear space rule below.

Extended Clear Space

When multiple logos or lockups appear on a single communication, space equal to three widths of the interlocking UB should be observed around the UB logo, making sure that no other logos or lockups on the piece infringe in that space.

Minimum Lockup Size

The logo lockup must maintain a minimum size in which the width of the interlocking UB is at least 0.375 inch.

Unit Lockup Color

Our Identity and Photography

The elements of our identity system should not be placed directly over busy or distracting images.

If you need to use a photographic background, find a calm or neutral area to position the element.

If it’s hard to find a neutral area, create an area of clear space or color where the lockup can sit.

Common Mistakes

It’s important that we be consistent in how we present our identity.

Shown here are some common misuses of our lockups.

To avoid these, always use the provided artwork without modification.

DON’T place the identity over busy images, patterns, wallpapers or backgrounds.

DON’T stretch, condense or change the dimensions of the identity elements.

DON’T alter or replace the typefaces in the identity.

DON’T rearrange the elements of the identity.

DON’T change the scale of elements in the identity.

DON’T apply drop shadows or other visual effects to the identity.

DON’T change the color of the identity elements beyond the approved colors.

DON’T skew or warp, set it on an angle, or wrap the identity around a shape.

DON’T add extra elements to the identity.

DON’T use the identity in conjunction with typography to form words or phrases.