By collecting all of our graphic elements together, we have created a set of patterns that can be used in a variety of ways.

Patterns can be used to represent the “how” of our platform, the collegiality and inclusive nature of UB, or the overlapping paths and collaboration of our students, faculty and staff.

They work best as textural images in instances such as divider pages, backgrounds or interior covers. The simpler versions work well for framing short pieces of text. Patterns can also be cropped to fit a specific area of a design. You are not required to use the entire pattern.

Click the download patterns button to access all fourteen patterns shown below, both as UB Blue linework on a Hayes Hall White background (as shown) and as Hayes Hall White linework on a UB Blue background.

Any of the UB brand colors can be used to make patterns. However, the background behind the linework must appear in either UB Blue, Hayes Hall White, Baird Point or Townsend Gray.

Zoom image: Pattern 1a Pattern 1a


Zoom image: Pattern 2a Pattern 2a


Zoom image: Pattern 3a Pattern 3a


Zoom image: Pattern 1b Pattern 1b


Zoom image: Pattern 2b Pattern 2b


Zoom image: Pattern 3b Pattern 3b


Zoom image: Pattern 1c Pattern 1c


Zoom image: Pattern 2c Pattern 2c


Zoom image: Pattern 3c Pattern 3c


In addition to the collection of patterns above, we’ve created an additional set of patterns, some with negative space built in. These areas of rest are a great place to insert a headline or small block of copy.

Zoom image: pattern 4 pattern 4.


Zoom image: pattern 5 pattern 5.


Zoom image: pattern 6 pattern 6 .


Zoom image: pattern 7 pattern 7.


Zoom image: pattern 8 pattern 8.