Our brand expression lives through all of our content. That doesn’t mean using “Here is how” repeatedly, but rather keeping the spirit of the phrase implicit in all of our writing, thus avoiding audience fatigue and keeping our messages fresh and compelling. 

In This Section:

This graphic shows how “Here is how” can help tell our story at various levels of communication.

"Here is how" - Content Hierarchy.

At the top level:

“Here is how” headlines

These are high-level statements of purpose. The “Here is how” phrase will be used frequently and purposefully in ways that convey the spirit of UB.

At the middle level:

Headlines that emphasize the “how”

Not all headlines need to use the “Here is how” structure. It’s important that we have flexibility to accommodate many types of headlines. These should be powerful expressions about what we do to arrive at our achievements.

At the base level:

Body copy that illustrates the “how”

At the base level are body copy and longform writing. These will support the “Here is how” message by emphasizing process. Body copy and long-form text should get into the details and narrative of the “how.”