Personality Checklist

Thinking about UB as an individual with distinct personality traits helps us communicate in a brand voice that’s authentically and recognizably our own. Our brand personality traits also provide a simple, effective filter for assessing copy, and using them to guide our approach to writing ensures that we are applying the UB tone of voice to our communications.


Are you telling stories of innovative and resourceful people whose passion for discovery is matched only by their desire to create practical solutions?


Do perseverance and determination play a role in the story? Is our never-give-up attitude on display?


Will the reader get a sense of our open and welcoming environment, and our eagerness to engage everyone?


Does the story tell of optimistic big thinkers, with a sharp focus on the future, and what’s ahead for those willing to work for it?


Do you build on our natural and unshakable sense of pride, showing how our purpose is driving achievement and making an impact?


Will the reader pick up on our tendency to act boldly, pursue excellence and improve everything around us?

Stories don’t have to reflect every trait every time (that’s a tall order), but each one should reflect several.

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