Creating a Balanced Mix of Stories

Our brand attributes serve as an organizing principle for how we present the collective UB story by:

  • Guiding how we frame the stories we tell
  • Balancing the range of stories we tell
  • Placing the stories we tell into a continuous narrative

Here’s how we might categorize stories by brand attribute, ensuring we have a balance across all four attributes:

  Purposeful Ambition Radical Empathy Bold Participation Global Perspective
Student’s six-foot water- and solar-powered lens purifies polluted water   X   X
Turning off Niagara Falls could yield insight on how waterfalls carve canyons X      
Massive study provides detailed look at how Greenland’s ice is vanishing X     X
UB Dental brings smiles to Western New York vets   X X  
June in Buffalo marks its 40th anniversary at the creative edge of contemporary music     X X
The FAFSA Project turns college dreams into reality   X X  
Researchers surprise mouth fungus with sugary “Trojan horse” X