Our Brand Attributes

Who we are.

Our brand attributes reflect the unique character of the university, and they should be expressed through our communications and behavior.

If each message we convey and each action we take embodies one or more of these strengths, our story feels more authentic and the identity of our university will be more recognizable.


We apply our determination in facing new challenges, and we choose our futures among vast possibilities. We inspire each other to define our paths, to realize our potential and to make an impact on society.


We are collegial, engaged and inclusive—dedicated to creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere across our diverse campuses.


We draw our identity and our strength from a rich diversity of people and ideas from around the world. Students, faculty, staff and the community benefit from everyday exposure to different perspectives, gaining broad awareness and celebrating accomplishment.


We seize opportunities. Our openness and ambition create a culture of participation that encourages each of us to engage with our peers in achievement.