Our Positioning

What sets us apart.

The University at Buffalo is an institution like no other, and our positioning statement conveys that.

Our positioning statement

The University at Buffalo amplifies ambition for students, faculty, staff and the community, offering vast possibilities for achievement in a diverse, supportive and creative environment.

As New York State’s most comprehensive public research university, we offer major opportunities for success in life, as well as learning. Our integration of disciplines, inclusion of people and ideas, and commitment to big thinking and creative freedom yield personal transformation, major discoveries and solutions for the world.

UB provides these broad opportunities within a vibrant and inclusive community. People from all backgrounds and cultures challenge and inspire each other to discover, learn and succeed. Our collegiality and determination propel us, as we reach together for new heights. The products of our environment are important new knowledge from an engaged faculty, a dedicated staff and tenacious graduates who are valued for their talents and their impact on global society.

It frames who we are, what we do and why it matters.

It describes what distinguishes us from our peers, and defines how we want to be perceived by our audiences.

And though it’s intended only for internal reference, it captures the essential ideas that will resonate with audiences and inspire pride and support for UB.

These ideas are the essence of our identity and the inspiration for our messaging.

We will express them through our outreach, our behaviors and the experience we deliver.

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