Our Brand Expression

The creative platform that brings our stories to life

Our brand expression is the UB story at its purest and most inspirational.

It sets the tone and provides the foundation for telling our collective stories in ways that differentiate us, with consistent messaging and a unified voice.

By speaking as one, in a distinctive tone, our collective stories become more memorable, and our institution grows stronger.

The text below helps you connect with the essence of our story.

You may also find it useful to periodically revisit these words to refresh and recalibrate your feel for the UB voice, tone and story.

Our creative platform statement

Buffalo is more than a city. It’s a state of mind.

And the University at Buffalo is more than a college campus. It’s a commitment.

To achieving more and demanding greater.

To testing theories and proving ourselves. And to driving change and charging forward.

Because UB is as much a way as it is a place.

Of seeing the world. Of engaging ideas. Of inspiring action and taking the lead.

With people from all over, working together, lifting each other up and accomplishing amazing things.

Because at UB, ambition is a virtue, tenacity is a given, and discovery happens in the lab, and in the lecture hall, in the studio and on the stage, in the field and on the field and everywhere in between.

That’s just how we do it here.

Where it’s our place to be extraordinary, and to show the world: HERE IS HOW

While many universities talk about the “what,” our opportunity is to stand out with the “how.”  It’s an approach that’s uniquely and authentically UB, and it provides a starting point for all of our stories.

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