Using “Here is how”

“Here is how” captures the essence of our creative platform. Here, we’ll further define what it is, and how it is (and isn’t) used.

What “Here is how” is:

It’s shorthand for our brand expression. “Here is how” is the platform that helps us tell our stories in compelling ways. Think of “Here is how” as a lens. It doesn’t change which stories we tell; it gives focus to how we tell them.

What “Here is how” is not:

The platform is not a tagline or slogan. It should not be used as a closing visual element, or paired up with a logo, or used like a traditional tagline. It is not a phrase that is used on its own beyond our creative platform statement. Over the next few pages, we’ll go deeper into what “Here is how” is and how you create it.

When we build on the “Here is how” platform, we talk about how we do what we do:

  • Our open-ended and ongoing mission.
  • Our dynamic learning environment.
  • The greater impact.

Is “Here is how” a headline?

It can be, when additional copy follows it. For example, “Here is how possibilities become realities.” This type of headline is reserved for high-level expressions of individual schools and units, athletics and the university master brand. On the following pages, you’ll find further guidance on how to bring the platform to life in copy other than headlines.

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