UB Branded Wallpaper

UB commissioned a custom, seamless wallpaper that represents the many facets of the university with a unique set of iconic illustrations, including Hayes Hall, Baird Point and the Center for the Arts. To use the wallpaper for a project, you will need to contact University Communications (UC) for the file and review the detailed guidance below.

Wallpaper Customization

In special circumstances, customization of the wallpaper to suit specific needs (e.g., dental icons for the School of Dental Medicine) may be allowed, as well as using a single icon extracted from the wallpaper separately. However, these rare cases—and any other related design modifications—must be reviewed and approved by UC.

Usage Guidelines

You will need to request access to the wallpaper vector file using the form below. Please describe how you plan to use the design pattern in as much detail as possible. The pattern can be used for environmental, digital, print or merchandise applications, but must adhere to the following considerations:


  • Choose UB brand color combinations, but keep the background either UB Blue, Hayes Hall White, Victor E. Blue, Harriman Blue, Townsend Gray or Baird Point. 
  • Feel free to highlight select icons using a contrasting color to customize your project.
  • Modify the scale of the pattern to best suit your project needs.
  • Work with an experienced graphic designer on your project due to the complex nature of Adobe Illustrator vector files.


  • Replace any of the icons in the pattern with an interlocking UB, master brand mark or other official trademark.
  • Replace any of the existing icons with new icons - see the wallpaper customization note above. (University Communications will consider modifying icons to meet a specific need, e.g., dental-themed icons, but this must be done in consultation with University Communications.)
  • Change the scale or placement of any icons.

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