Freeland is an energetic and welcoming handwriting font. It should be used sparingly—only in headlines—to emphasize a single word. No more than one word per layout should be set in Freeland. The “Here is how” lockups are a perfect example of Freeland’s use. Overuse can result in illegibility.

Freeland Font Family.

Freeland usage

Freeland is most powerful when it’s used in moderation. Within a headline sentence, it should only be used to highlight a single word. If the words “here” or “how” appear in that sentence, that should be the word that’s highlighted.

In typical sentence structures, Freeland should be used to enhance the most powerful or descriptive word. The other words in the sentence should be set in Sofia Pro Black, with the letterspacing set between 50 and 100.

Type set in Sophia can appear above, below, and adjacent to the word accentuated in Freeland. Additionally, the Sofia text works best when it’s set to roughly 25% of the Freeland point size. (for example, if Freeland is set at 144 pt, Sofia should be set at around 36 pt.)

The “Here is how” and “I am how” examples shown on this page are the preferred arrangements for those phrases, and they can be downloaded here. However, those arrangements can be augmented for specific layout parameters as needed.

Here is How - Freeland Example.
I am How - Freeland Example.