Service Advisories

Service advisories are issued whenever the UB community is likely to experience a change in usual operations. 

Subscribe to Advisories In Your Calendars

Creating a Calendar of Advisories in Outlook (iCal)

Display only the advisories that interest you in your Outlook calendar. The advisory calendar can be displayed separately from your main calendar or overlaid with any other calendar. You can make multiple calendars if you want to separate Services from Projects, for example.

In Calendar View:

  1. Sign in to the calendar with your UBITName and password
  2. Select the Search icon to see the filters you can use to narrow your calendar content
  3. From Category, select Services or Projects OR a particular service
  4. From Location, select a building or, using Select Multiple, several buildings
  5. If you prefer to limit your calendar to an entire campus rather than a building, Select Advanced and choose North, South or Downtown
  6. Click Search — Review to verify you see what you expect: Search Results list the filter you have selected.
  7. Click the Outlook symbol at the bottom of the calendar list
  8. In the opened side bar:
    1. Verify the filters are set to your choices
    2. Modify the date range to a maximum of 180 days
    3. To subscribe to the calendar, click SUBMIT to open in Outlook or copy the displayed URL to your favorite application
    4. You should see a Success message

In Microsoft Outlook

  1. In your desktop calendar, find the unnamed calendar, right click on it to rename it
  2. Select 2 or more calendars to display them overlaid with each other or side-by-side

Subscribe to Advisories by Email

You can receive advisories about specific areas of interest to you by requesting notification by email.


On North, South and Downtown Campuses
  Call 716-645-2222 or
  Use a blue light phone

Off Campus — Call 911

UB Guardian — download the safety app 

See Advisories by Campus

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Service Advisories for Off-Campus UB Locations

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