Do-It-Yourself Recording and Livestreaming in Classrooms with Panopto

Most classrooms offer the ability to record your lectures and stream them live from the classroom.


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Before you get to the classroom

Connect your UB Learns course to Panopto so you have a Panopto cloud folder where you can save your recordings that is also accessible to your students. If you want to use a different Panopto cloud folder for your videos, make sure the course viewer group for the current semester has permission to that folder.

In the classroom

Note: If you have virtual guests hosted by Zoom, use the recording features in that app instead, as Panopto cannot capture both the physical classroom and your virtual guests.

  1. Unlock the teaching station.   
  2. Using the internal PC, launch Panopto and sign in.
  3. At the top of the Panopto app, under Session Settings, choose the Panopto cloud folder where you want the recording saved and give the recording a name
  4. Under Primary Input, your classroom's camera and microphone(s) should be the default video and audio input sources automatically.
    • You will know they are working if you see the camera preview and see the audio level bouncing when you speak into the microphone.              
  5. Under Secondary Sources leave Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen checked.
  6. Classrooms will have one of the following styles of microphone:
    • A mic mounted on the teaching station that turns on automatically when the teaching station is turned on. This embedded mic can be muted or unmuted using the touchscreen panel.
    • A webcam with microphone embedded right in the teaching station monitor, similar to the webcam on a laptop.
    • A ceiling mic, mounted flush with the ceiling tiles, that turns on automatically when the teaching station is turned on. This mic can be muted or unmuted using the touchscreen panel.
    • Larger rooms have a clip-on lapel mic. For those rooms, open the microphone drawer using the touchscreen panel, power the mic on, check the battery level and clip the mic to your shirt.
  7. You can adjust the camera using Camera Control on the touchscreen.
  8. Hit Record. Minimize Panopto and begin teaching
  9. When finished, maximize Panopto and hit Stop and Done.
  10. Wait for the video to upload completely before signing out.

Livestream from Panopto

You can livestream to your students or audience from Panopto. Before you start recording:

  1. Check the box that says Webcast.
  2. Be sure to choose a cloud folder where your students or audience have permission to access the content.
  3. Once you start recording the livestream will begin and it will appear in the Panopto cloud folder for viewers to watch.


Ideally, all content produced for students should include text captions for those using screen readers or other assistive technology. Please see Adding Captions to Videos in Panopto.

If a student in your class requires captions as a disability accommodation, have the student contact the Office of Accessibility Resources and UBIT can order human-generated captions for your course recordings.

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