Schedule Automatic Recordings in UB Classrooms

Faculty and staff can request classroom recordings in over 100 centrally scheduled classrooms.

Types of Recording Available

When you place your recording order, choose the recording type you prefer. Camera plus content is the default format.

Camera Plus Content captures full motion video of the instructor side-by-side with any materials shown on the projector (e.g. laptop, document camera or classroom computer).  This is the only type of recording available in rooms equipped with a camera.  Sound from the room’s microphones and sound from any devices shown on the projector will also be captured.

Audio Plus Content
captures video of any device shown on the projector (e.g. laptop, document camera, or classroom computer) and sound from the room’s microphones and devices shown on the projector.

Audio Only
captures sound from the room’s microphones and any device shown on the projector (e.g. laptop, document camera, or classroom computer).

Live streaming can be requested in addition to automated recording. For lecture recordings, students can access the live stream by going to the Classroom Recording folder in UB Learns. For events, we will send you the live stream link when we schedule the recording.

Suggested Lead Times for Ordering

Please submit your order before the semester starts. We will make every effort to schedule your recording prior to the start of the event, but we may not be able to accommodate late requests (made 14 days prior to an event) or changes made within 48 hours of your event.

What To Do In the Classroom

On days you are being recorded, all you need to do is unlock the teaching station, and wear the microphone in the drawer if applicable. Automated recordings begin on their own at the start of your class and end five minutes after the scheduled end time. You just need to remember to turn on and wear the microphone. 

  1. Unlock the teaching station
  2. Open the microphone or accessory drawer using the touch panel, if applicable
  3. Turn on the clip-on lapel microphone  and check the battery level. If it is less than three bars, replace the batteries with fresh ones from the drawer
  4. Clip the mic to your shirt or top and begin teaching.

Access to Recordings

Recordings are generally available within one to two hours after the end of class. Unless other arrangements are made, a module called Classroom Recordings will be added to the UB Learns site for the course. Students will click this link to find all the recordings  and the live stream, if requested. 

Downloading Recordings

By default, recordings may be downloaded for offline use by students. You may request that downloads be disabled when you place your order or disable downloading yourself by changing the setting on the Panopto course folder.

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