Classroom Recording with Panopto

Faculty and staff can request classroom recordings from two digital recording types using Panopto.

Types of Recording Available

audio plus content

Audio Plus Content recording captures sound from microphones along with frame-grabbed video of any visual materials shown on the projector (e.g. laptop, Wolf Visualizer or classroom computer). 

camera plus content

Camera Plus Content recording captures full motion video of the instructor side-by-side with any visual materials shown on the projector (e.g. laptop, Wolf Visualizer, or classroom computer).  

Suggested Lead Times for Ordering

Please provide at least two weeks' notice for any class- or event-related request. Some recording types require a Student Assistant to operate the equipment.

Access to Your Recording

By default, recordings may be downloaded for offline use by students. Faculty may choose to disallow these downloads per individual recording or for an entire course.
Recordings are generally available within one to two hours after the end of class. Faculty may add links to the recordings in UBlearns or they can be sent by email or added to a separate web page as desired.

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