View Quiz Results

Operating System: Windows and Mac

Applies To: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: March 16, 2020


1.  Locate your video at

2.  To access the results of a quiz, click the Settings icon.

3.  On the left, click the Quiz Results tab to display the results. From this tab, you can see Quiz Results Summary which shows:

  • The total number of correct answers and questions
  • The percentage correct for each quiz
  • More detailed view of results by clicking Section
  • Expand each user to see individual question answers

Common Questions

Are fill in the blank questions auto graded?

  • Yes, auto graded
  • You can enter many different answer options for each blank for example:  The _rain|reign|rein_ in Spain falls _in|on|upon_ the plain.
  • Panopto ignores case and leading and trailing spaces when determining the correct answer.
  • There is no partial credit for multiple blanks; if a student gets one wrong the question is marked wrong.

For multi-select questions, is there partial credit?

No, if a student does not get all the answers the question is marked wrong.

What happens when there are multiple quizzes in one video?

  • All answers are recorded for each quiz. Download the “Detailed results by section” report to see the details for each viewer on each quiz question.
  • If a student does not complete all quizzes in a video the partial results will appear in the Panopto portal, but the results will not be passed to UB Learns grade center
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