Set permissions on Panopto Videos

Videos and folders can be shared in many ways. It is important to know who can view your content, who can edit it, and how to change those permissions.

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB faculty, staff and students

Last Updated: November 7, 2023

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Viewer permission levels

There are five viewer permission levels with increasing levels of visibility:

  • Restricted: Only specific people and groups. Limit visibility to people and groups that you name. Links you share or post will only work for people named.
  • Your Organization (unlisted): Anyone at your organization who has the link. Limit access to people who can log into the UB Panopto site. People will need a to be given the link or find it on a website or course site.
  • Your Organization: Anyone at your organization can find and access. Limit access to people who can log into the UB Panopto site. People can search for the video on UB Panopto and it will appear in the Everything folder. 
  • Public (unlisted): Anyone wo has the link. Anyone with whom you've shared the link can access the video. No sign in required. People will need a to be given the link or find it on a website or course site.
  • Public: Anyone can find and access. Anyone on the Internet can find and access the video. No sign-in required.

Who can see my videos? Check and change permissions

You can edit Share settings at the folder or individual recording level.

Click the Share icon for a recording or folder to open its Settings > Share page.

The share icon appears in different places on different screens, but is always shaped like a less than symbol and will be labeled “Share” if you hover over it.  

To change the viewer permission level:

  1. Select Change from under Who can access this video
  2. A pop-up list will appear with your choices. 


By default, Panopto recordings “inherit” — or have the same Share settings — as the folder in which they are stored. If a recording or folder inherits permissions from a folder above it, you may need to disable the inheritance to adjust the viewer permissions or add collaborators.

  1. Click Change and
  2. Uncheck Inherit member and permissions from
  3. Choose a permission level
  4. Check Keep N member as an added user {checked by default}
  5. Click Save

Add specific people or groups

Under People and groups, start typing the name (or UBIT name) of the person, course, or group with whom you want to share the video. A list of suggested users containing that name or word will appear, select the correct person or group from this list.

  • If a person has never logged into Panopto their name will be highlighted in yellow or red. Ask this person to go to the Panopto portal and log in, this creates their account and enables you to share recordings with them.
  • Course groups come in two flavors, Viewers and Creators. People are added to a group based on their role in a UB Learns course. Students enrolled in the course go into Viewers; instructors and teaching assistants in the course go into Creators.  Those group names look like:

Fall 23 - CHE 201LR A: General Chemistry (12345 Fall 23) - Combined :: Creator

Fall 23 - CHE 201LR A: General Chemistry (12345 Fall 23) - Combined :: Viewer

Share previous videos with current students

 You can share all the videos saved in a previous semester's course folder with students this semester. In the Share settings, under People and groups add the viewer group for the current semester. Now the entire folder is viewable by your current students. See How to Share a Folder.

[Pro tip!] Give yourself creator rights to Panopto course folders

After you connect a UB Learns course to Panopto we recommend adding yourself as a creator in the course folder in Panopto. This keeps you from losing access to the folder when the UB Learns course is archived.

Share files from any Panopto folder with the Panopto Video Embed tool in UB Learns

Use the Panopto Video Embed tool to place videos throughout a UB Learns course. This tool automatically grants access to anyone enrolled in the course and adds a new viewer group in the video's  share permissions. It's the best way to share content from any of your Panopto folders.

In a content module:

  1. Click Upload/Create
  2. Choose Create a File
  3. Give the file/item and title
  4. Click the Insert Stuff icon
  5. Choose Panopto Video Embed (Instructor Only)
  6. Choose any Panopto folder on which you are a creator
  7. Select a video to share
  8. Click Insert
  9. Click Insert again
  10. Click Save and Close

Be very cautious adding Panopto content using the Brightspace tools: Enter Embed Code or Create a Link.  Neither option will give students access to view a video unless you set the share permissions to Anyone at your org with the link or Anyone with the link.

Remove access for people or groups

You can remove someone’s access to view or edit a recording or folder.

  1. Under People and groups click the x to the far right of the group or person’s name.
  2. Click Save.

Give creator rights to someone else

Creator access allows someone to create, delete, or edit the videos in a folder.

Creator permissions cannot be assigned at the individual video level, they can only be assigned at the folder level. Therefore, grant a user Creator access to the folder in which the shared video is saved.  

Request a shared folder for departmental recordings

If your department hosts events, trainings or other videos to which several people should have creator access, UBIT is happy to create a folder for you. Once a folder is in Panopto, anyone with creator permissions can add other people as needed.  

Create your own user groups

Common Questions

Some of my students report they can't view the course videos?

Have them try the strategies below to correct the problem. If they continue to have trouble, encourage them to request help from UBIT.

  1. Try viewing the videos from a different web browser.
    Try the Firefox Browser (Download Firefox).
  2. Turn off pop-up blockers on the web browser. Download pdf
  3. Make sure you have 3rd-party cookies enabled on your default web browser. If you are using Safari on a Mac, enable cross-site tracking.

Why are people getting a "Request Access for Video" error?

They are not included in the share settings for the video or folder.

  • You can add individuals as viewers.
  • If all viewers are affiliated with UB you can change the sharing setting inside Panopto to “Anyone at your organization with the link”. People will need to log in to view the video.
  • In UB Learns, adding video using the Panopto Video Embed tool will automatically add the viewer and creator groups for a course to the share settings of the individual video.

Why don't I see the Panopto Content link?

Provision your course before you can use Panopto video with your course.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.