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Enhance your understanding of diversity-related issues through these topical workshops. Offered by the Intercultural and Diversity Center, these workshops are available for student groups and organizations.

How to Request a Workshop

Step 1. Plan Ahead

All programs require at least two weeks advance notice, and should have at least 10 attendees. Please note that you are responsible for providing any required presentation equipment on-site (e.g., a computer, audio/speakers, projector and screen); if you cannot provide the equipment, please let us know.

Step 2: Review the Available Programs

Read the descriptions on this page and decide which program is right for you.

Step 3: Fill Out the Request Form

Make sure you include your contact information.

Step 4. We Will Contact You to Confirm

When your request is received, we will contact you to coordinate details and confirm the time, date and location for your program. Your request is not confirmed until you are contacted by one of our staff members.

Workshop Descriptions

Allyship, Advocacy and Activism (1.5 hours)

We see injustices every day, online and off, and we can feel so hopeless and helpless to change them - but we aren't! In this workshop, we explore and define the terms Ally, Advocate, and Activist, and learn how each role is valuable to the social justice movement and the people depending on it. Come to the IDC to fill out your supporter's "toolbox" and find out what you can do to make a difference no matter who or where you are.

Appreciating Cultural Diversity (1 hour)

Learn about diversity at UB by exploring stereotypes and privilege, the meaning of social justice, and the benefits of attending a diverse institution.

Diversity Zone Training (4 hours)

Explore the foundations for understanding the role of privilege and allyship within systems of power and oppression. This four-hour interactive workshop will explore our individual identities, how we connect to the people around us, and the importance of doing so. Each workshop is limited to a maximum of 50 participants.

Inclusive By Design (1 hour)

Come out and join us as we make an effort to celebrate diversity and ensure that differences do not become barriers.  This engaging workshop offers student clubs and organization leaders key takeaways to consider as they design programs and events for the campus. Learning outcomes include, but are not limited to, learning how to incorporate inclusive language; structure programs and meetings with consideration for how all students are included; purposefully engage activities, speakers, and media sources that promote cultural awareness and inclusion; as well as enhance your outreach.

Safe Zone Training (2 hours)

This training is an opportunity to learn more about gender and sexual identities and issues facing and within the LGBTQ communities.  It is for everyone to learn how to be better allies and increase awareness of resources on our campus and in Buffalo.  The goal of this training is to inspire others to create safe and affirming environments for all members of our community. Each training session is limited to a maximum of 50 participants.

Understanding Privilege (1 hour)

Privilege is often invisible to those who have it. This session will address what privilege is (and isn’t), how it works, and how understanding privilege leads to understanding ourselves and those around us better

Other (1-3 hours, varies by need)

Trainings and workshops are available to suit your group or organization needs on various diversity related topics.  Please indicate 'other' in the drop-down box below and provide a brief description of what you are looking for.  We will be in touch within 3 business days to discuss the most appropriate training or workshop.

All workshops are presented in the IDC located at 240 Student Union unless otherwise specified by special request.

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