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Disability as Diversity

Accessibility Resources is committed to ensuring equitable access for disabled students and strives to make it as easy as possible to request reasonable accommodations.

Meet Liz!

Liz Ayers shares her story as a deaf PhD student and how Accessibility Resources has helped her excel in her studies.

Meet Maura!

Maura Kutnyak-Smalley navigated UB Law School, while taking on challenges as a blind student. 

Meet Becky!

Becky Paul Odiohin shares her experience as a disabled student and how it has impacted her studies and life. 

Meet Rudy!

Disability as diversity looks different for everyone. This is UB student Rudy Bhuvaneswari's story. 

"As an individual who is deaf, do I see deafness as a disability? No, I do not. It's just a form of communication." Liz, UB student