UB Student Health Pharmacy Is Closing

Student Health Services, 4350 Maple Road, building exterior.

Published November 15, 2023

UB Student Health Pharmacy will be permanently closing before the end of the calendar year. The last day of in-person, open hours will be Wednesday; December 20, 2023.

After close of business on 12/20/23, we cannot fill new orders or refill existing prescriptions.

Between 12/21/23 to mid-January, pharmacy staff will be available part-time to assist with questions by phone (716-829-2368) or email.

As of mid-January,* existing UB Student Health Pharmacy prescription records will be transferred to Tops Pharmacy. Tops will have access to the UB Student Health Pharmacy prescription records without you requesting a medication transfer. We will release more information including Tops’ contact information soon.

During the interim period (12/21/23 to mid-January), UB Student Health Pharmacy staff can transfer your prescription(s) to a pharmacy of your choice, including Tops. NYS limits the transfer to one refill of your prescription(s); regardless of the number of refills indicated on the original prescription. Please note that controlled substance prescriptions cannot be transferred; UB Student Health Pharmacy staff can provide guidance.
*A specific date will be posted on our website as soon as it is confirmed.

Please act today to avoid delays in accessing your prescriptions.

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