Mindfulness and Meditation Intro Program

Students sitting cross-legged on the ground with their eyes closed in meditation.

Students enjoying a guided meditation.

Published September 18, 2023

Meditation and mindfulness can relieve stress, improve focus and more. We offer programs to help you cultivate this practice in your daily life.

Learning to be Mindful

Meditation is the practice of intentionally focusing on something (frequently a word or phrase, sounds, or your own breath) to increase awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness strategies allow students to access present moment experiences to assist them to better cope with stress, improve sleep and manage their emotions during tumultuous times. Health Promotion offers a variety of programs to help you incorporate mindfulness in your daily life. No experience or equipment necessary, everyone is welcome.

Mindfulness and Meditation Four-Session Program

Health Promotion provides free 4-session Koru introduction to mindfulness programs for undergraduate and graduate students. The skills that are taught include belly breathing, dynamic breathing, body scan, walking meditation, guided visualizations, eating meditation and more. The program utilizes the easy-to-read book, The Mindful Twenty-Something by Holly Rogers, which provides lots of examples of how college student can practice meditation.Note: the curriculum for this program was developed using research on the emerging adult population, however, the class is appropriate for students of all ages. Attendance at all four sessions and pre-registration is required.

Monday Sessions 

Koru Fall 2023 
10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6
6-7:30 p.m.


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