Body-to-Mind Resilience with Matthew Sanford

Adaptive yoga instructor Matthew Sanford poses in his wheelchair.

Published April 10, 2024

Matthew Sanford, founder of the nonprofit Mind Body Solutions, has been exploring the intersection between body and mind since becoming paralyzed over 40 years ago. Sanford will visit UB for a week of insightful discussions, sharing his expertise and adaptive yoga practices with students, faculty, staff and the UB community. All are welcome to join, but registration is limited for certain events.

Disability as Diversity Event Highlights

Body-to-Mind Resilience in Practice at Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

About Matthew Sanford:

Matthew Sanford has been exploring the intersection between body and mind since becoming paralyzed over 40 years ago. He founded the nonprofit Mind Body Solutions,, and he teaches yoga, specializing in adapting it for disabled people. His 2006 book “Waking” is a powerful account of his experiences until that point. Matthew also works extensively with professionals in all sectors, exploring how to integrate his work into their personal and professional lives.

In Medicine, more than simply treatments and interventions, healing and recovery is both a process and an exchange between patients and caregivers. This human factor is too often underappreciated Matthew Sanford draws upon his 45 years of living with a disability, his 33 years of yoga practice, and his 20 years of training healthcare professionals to share practical insights about the patient-caregiver dynamic. Patient engagement in their own healing process and compassion fatigue for caregivers are crucial hurdles to maximizing outcomes for both groups. 

Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions yoga class photo shoot, Minnetonka, Minnesota, May 28, 2015.

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