Career Peer Coach

Get valuable experience, build skills and discover a career that you love. Explore available possibilities through the Career Design Center.

The Career Peer Coach is a paid part-time position for undergraduate and graduate students within the Career Design Center. This position is designed to help develop new skills that employers want while getting a real-world experience in today’s job market.

Start building skills by:

  • Becoming one of the best. You'll build the best resume, cover letter and online profiles that will show recruiters why they should pay attention.
  • Helping other students develop eye-catching resumes, cover letters and online profiles, as well as mastering the art of job and internship searching.
  • Conquering your fears. Coaching others is just not your thing. Don't worry! As a career peer coach, you'll learn tips that will make you a pro in no time.
  • Explore majors and career paths while engaging in continuous training in the area of career development.

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