Working with Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) as an affiliate

As a public benefit corporation and affiliate of UB, ECMC recognizes that its first responsibility is to the health and well being of the research subjects.

Additionally, it recognizes the importance of clinical research (both animal and human) in advancing the diagnosis and treatment of medical illness. ECMC encourages its employees to participate in well-designed research projects.

What do I need to know if I plan to conduct research at ECMC?

All individuals proposing to carry out clinical research on the ECMC campus must get permission from the Office of Medical Director. The form “Application for Permission to Conduct Clinical Research at ECMC” is required for any study being done at ECMC or using a service provided by ECMC or its staff.

This application is very comprehensive and must be reviewed and approved through ECMC’s Office of Clinical Research Coordination. It may take time so we recommend that you submit it early. You may need additional agreements if you are accessing ECMC electronic medical records.

The PI must notify the Office of Clinical Research Coordination if the research proposal will use hospital resources, such as pharmacy, laboratory, radiology or nursing. The directors of these departments will review the research protocol to determine the level of that department’s involvement and will propose rates for any potential services provided.

The fiscal department offers guidance and must approve the services rates to ensure that proper billing procedures are in place. You must confer with the fiscal department prior to entering grant negotiations with the sponsor, so you can include ECMC’s services rates in the budget.

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Heather Chrosniak
Clinical Research Facilitator
Risk Management
(716) 898-5471

File early

The process is comprehensive so we recommend you file early giving ECMC's Office of Clinical Research Coordination enough time to review and approve your application.