Budget Development

A budget is the schedule identifying the charges to be assessed to a funding entity for conduct of a clinical research study based on the protocol-defined work to be completed.

Why do we need a budget?

Budget development is the process of identifying all the expenses associated with conducting a clinical research project, most commonly a clinical trial. We use budgets to ensure we end up with an appropriately funded research project. 

How do we complete a budget?

The first step is budget development. This is the process to identify all expenses associated with conducting a clinical project, such as personnel time, laboratory charges and participant reimbursement.

The next step is budget negotiation. By engaging the sponsor in dialogue, you can develop a final budget that covers the costs of conducting the research project.

How much time does it take to complete a budget?

It depends on complexity of the study being done and the turn-around time at the sponsor institution. In most instances, six to eight weeks is adequate to complete the budget process. 

Need budget help?

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