2013 Archive

The RF Report Center leverages the latest in dashboard, alerting, analytics, and reporting technology to make it easy for users to perform financial analysis, monitor financial health, and track compliance in one location.
As part of the university’s conflict of interest policy, we are pleased to announce the new UB Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (CIRC), established in compliance with federal regulations in the revised UB Investigator Conflict of Interest policy
News about the Sponsored Projects Reports Dashboard.
The Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development is pleased to announce the establishment of the Research Excellence Advancement Program (REAP).
The Director of Research Compliance will report to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, and oversee all aspects of compliance related to research.
UB’s new Center for Excellence in Writing officially opened this fall in Baldy 209, providing students at every level with a host of resources for working on and improving their writing.
University at Buffalo researcher Jonathan Lovell will receive a five-year, $1.9 million grant to work on a new nanotechnology that could greatly improve how doctors treat and understand cancer, the National Institutes of Health announced Monday, September 30.
Over 125 UB researchers and staff attended the recent NIH Proposal Seminar held at UB.
It is our great pleasure to announce the appointment of two additional Directors in the Office of Sponsored Projects Services:  Ms. Mary Kraft and Mr. Donald Herzog.
The music of David Felder, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Birge-Cary Chair in Composition at the University at Buffalo, proves that the fruits of research are not confined to the hard sciences, or even the representational humanities.
The following includes facts regarding the current federal budget climate, and the impact that investigators may feel – or are feeling – as a result of federal agencies’ funding reductions.
It is the fear of everyone who has parents or grandparents who might need special care as they approach old age: What if they are not able to remain active and involved?
Effective July 1, 2013, Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) will begin loading effort for PI's and co-PI's into the RF Business System without the need to complete IFR forms.
Generally speaking, equipment purchases on sponsored research awards are somewhat restricted in that funding agencies require significant review and approval for purchases on the projects they are funding.
Alongside the recent achievements touted by the University at Buffalo Physics Department—a doubling in publications and research funding in the last 6 years, exciting new experiments and discoveries—there is a national recognition of these developments.