New IFR Process

Published May 22, 2013 This content is archived.

Effective July 1, 2013, Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) will begin loading effort for PI's and co-PI's into the RF Business System without the need to complete IFR forms.

This new process promises to relieve PI's, co-PI's, and their administrators of the considerable burden associated with the completion of IFR forms.  Furthermore, the new process will require approvals from the cognizant Chair and Dean when changes are requested to the committed effort, providing the academic units with a better understanding of the potential impact on expected IFR/salary recovery prior to implementing a change.
The process is envisioned to run as follows:

  •  Notice of New Award/New Money received in SPS.
  •  PI's and co-PI's are notified of the New Award/New Money by email, and that committed effort is being loaded into the RF Business System according to the proposal budget.  Associate Deans for Research and CFO's are copied on that email.
  •  SPS loads committed effort (Academic Year/Calendar Year/Cost Share) for the active project year into the RF Business System according to the approved Proposal Budget.
  •  SPS uses the ePTF application to calculate the salary recovery amount (for calculation purposes only, not for appointment processing), and scans the ePTF form to the CFO.  PI's and co-PI's are copied on the email.  Note:  salary recovery for individuals not included in the proposal budget must be communicated to SPS by the PI or department.
  •  Revisions to the initial level of effort, if any, will require approval by the cognizant Chair and Dean via a Change in Effort form.