Richard J. Karalus

Rich Karalus.

Richard Karalus, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of scientific research, serves as the Director of Research Compliance at the University at Buffalo. The Office of Research Compliance is responsible for maintaining the high ethical standards and compliance of the university's scientific research programs. This includes research using both human and animal subjects, conflict of interest, and data and export controls.

Karalus has worked in both in industry and academia. For 13 years, he served as the director of microbiology for CUBRC, Inc., where he operated a Select Agent laboratory that performed biodefense related studies. Karalus was responsible for managing compliance with the Select Agent program, including safety, security and personnel reliability. He also holds a patent for the development of a simple protein sample preparation method for use in the field.

Karalus joined UB in 2012, serving as the building manager for the newly built Clinical and Translational Research Center until 2015. He was responsible for setting up the initial operations of the facility and supervising the setup of the research laboratories. This included developing the safety program and providing training for the investigators.

Karalus received his BS in biotechnology from the Rochester Institute of Technology and his MS and PhD in medical microbiology from the University at Buffalo. He also serves on numerous committees, including the Western New York VA Research Safety Committee and the university's Institutional Biosafety Committee.