Residence Hall Association

Our Mission: To represent all students living on campus and build inclusive, engaged communities through advocacy, leadership development, and programming.

About Us

We are the student-run governing body that represents the 6,000+ students that reside on campus. Our organization consists of 13 Hall and Village councils. We exist to provide leadership development opportunities, advocate for the needs of our residents, and organize meaningful, fun, and inclusive programs.

We were named the National Association of College and University Residence Halls School of the Year in 2020!


Advocacy: Actively working to ensure the voices of all are heard and supported, and the interests of resident students' safety and well-being are prioritized.

Inclusion: Welcoming and supporting residents of all backgrounds and identities while also striving for equal and equitable access to experiences on campus.

Community: A group of people who learn and grow from each other and share a sense of care and belonging.

Leadership Development: Creating experiences to enhance resident's strengths and interests to develop them as leaders in our communities.

Motto and Vision


Making residents into leaders and halls into homes for over 30 years.


To be the foremost provider of engagement, advocacy, and leadership development opportunities for all residential students at UB.

RHA pumpkin carving event.

Meet the E-board

Brennan Gorman.


Brennan Gorman

Collin Gaylord.

Vice President of Leadership Development

Collin Gaylord

Sarah Farrell.

Vice President of Engagement

Sarah Farrell

Shownak Likhan.

Vice President of Finance

Shownak Likhan

Alison Lovelace.

Vice President of Communications

Alison Lovelace

Get Involved

Run for Hall or Village Council in September. Attend an RHA program. Come to our weekly Senate meetings. Connect with us via social media or

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Our Events

Group of RHA members in the Student Union.
Group of RHA members in the Student Union.
Group of RHA members at move in.
Fashion show.
Group of RHA members at Halloween.
Group of RHA members outside of Ellicott.