Primary Marks

These marks, which properly align a wordmark with the spirit mark, should be the primary identifier for athletics content. Use of only the spirit mark without a secondary reference is not permitted. Acceptable secondary reference includes the Bulls, Buffalo Bulls or Buffalo wordmarks, as well as the University at Buffalo name or logo. This ensures the identity of the UB Bulls teams is clear, consistent and distinct from any semi-professional or professional sports teams.

Modifications to the Athletics marks below are strictly prohibited. No other type, logos or graphics may be locked up or combined with these marks in any way.

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The following marks are strictly limited to UB Athletics use.

To appropriately associate the university name with athletic word marks and the spirit mark, please use one of the versions below. The university name is shown in the Antenna typeface, and it should never be separated from these marks. This version should be used when no other mention of the university or master brand lockup is visible. For retail applications, this version is strongly preferred.

Spirit Mark with Buffalo Wordmark

Spirit Mark with Bulls Wordmark

Spirit Mark with Buffalo Bulls Wordmark

Spirit Mark with University Name and Bulls Wordmark