PBANYS Benefits

Your employment-related benefits are negotiated by New York state and your bargaining unit, PBANYS (Police Benevolent Association of NY State, Inc.). These are your benefits if both these are true:

  • Your affiliation is with the state
  • Your negotiating unit is 31
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Flex Spending Account

The Flex Spending Account (FSA) offers three negotiated benefits to state employees - the Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA), the Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), and the Adoption Advantage Account.

They are types of flexible spending accounts, administered in compliance with Sections 125 and 129 of the Internal Revenue Code, that give you a way to pay your dependent care, health care, or adoption expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Enrollment in the FSA is voluntary - you decide to enroll in any or all of the benefits and choose how much to have taken out of your paycheck to pay for your eligible expenses. If you are a new employee, you must enroll within 60 days of your appointment begin date. Your FSA enrollment lasts for only one calendar year. Re-enrollment is not automatic.

Information Needed to Enroll

The following information required to enroll:

  • Nine digit employee ID (ex: N0123XXXX) 
  • Department (ex: 28030)
  • Negotiating unit (ex: 08)


Locate this information:

  • On your pay advice or check stub or

Changes in Status

If you experience a qualifying change in status event during the plan year and wish to enroll, change your current election, or terminate your deductions, you will need to submit a change in status application.

Need Assistance?

The plan administrator for the FSA plans is the New York State Office of Employee Relations. Inquires must be directed to:

  • FSA Hotline: 800-358-7202, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Email: fsa@oer.ny.gov

Benefit Services is unable to enroll you or manage your existing FSA Account.