PBANYS Benefits

Your employment-related benefits are negotiated by New York state and your bargaining unit, PBANYS (Police Benevolent Association of NY State, Inc.). These are your benefits if both these are true:

  • Your affiliation is with the state
  • Your negotiating unit is 31
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Medical,Dental,Vision Retirement Education Long Term Care Flex Spend

Educational Support

SUNY B-140W Tuition Waiver

Eligible Employees

Full and part-time state, Research Foundation (RF) and University at Buffalo Foundation (UBF) employees. Applicants must maintain their employment status with the university for the duration of the course for which tuition is waived.

Employees must have at least six months of cumulative service prior to the beginning of the course for which they have applied.

Eligible Courses

The waiver may be applied to any SUNY-sponsored, credit-bearing course. The course may be taken for credit or no credit. Community college courses are not eligible.

Assistance is available for up to eight credit hours per semester or session not to exceed 15 credit hours per academic year as long as funding lasts.


A percentage of the full credit hour cost will be waived dependent upon your employment status with the university. All fees will be charged to the employee. Any outstanding balances in Student Accounts must first be cleared before the waiver will be applied.

Funding Source Tuition Assistance Requirements
50% 100%
State .50 to .99 FTE 1.00 FTE Course required by performance evaluation
Research Foundation .50 to .99 FTE 1.00 FTE Not eligible
University at Buffalo Foundation .50 to .99 FTE 1.00 FTE Not eligible

Application Process

For University at Buffalo course waivers, the process may take several weeks.

Assistance for all student, course registration and billing information

Contact an Expert

State Benefits

Human Resources

Phone: 716-645-7777

Email: ub-hr-benefits@buffalo.edu

New York State 529 College Savings Program

This Program allows participants to save money for their selected beneficiary's qualifying higher education expenses at any eligible post-secondary school in the United States and abroad.

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