Proteomics and Bioanalysis Core Seed Fund

What: Seed grants for up to $15,000

For: Projects that foster the use of advanced proteomics technology and develop preliminary data in support of external grant applications

Who: Faculty who submit through SPS

Due: Rolling basis until funds are exhausted

Send to: Kenneth Tramposch at 

Grant Information

Quantitative proteomics and related technologies constitute a very powerful tool that transforms biomedical research by generating and/or examining hypothesis on a global level, with high throughput, accuracy and precision. UB has a prestigious and state-of-the-art proteomics core with an excellent track record in supporting biochemical and pharmaceutical research activities. The services / collaborations include but are not limited to:

  • quantitative proteomics by IonStar (e.g. reproducible quantification of >6000 proteins in >100 samples/batch);
  • quantitative phosphoproteomics (e.g. quantify thousands of phosphorylation sites in a cell or tissue system);
  • targeted and untargeted metabolomics; and
  • targeted protein quantification with LC-MS.

The goal of this OVPRED program is to stimulate new research directions and projects that foster the use of advanced proteomics technology and to develop preliminary data that can support external grant applications.

Award Amount

Awards will not exceed $15,000 for projects of one year or less.

Scope of the Awards

Awardees will be provided vouchers to the Proteomics and Bioanalysis Core that can only be used toward LC-MS charges and efforts of core personnel for sample preparation and basic data analysis. Supplies such as labeling reagents (where applicable), columns, traps, etc., and efforts on extended biological data interpretation are not included and must be provided by the awardee. Award recipients are required to submit a proposal for external funding within 18 months of the award start date.

Eligibility Information

All faculty whose appointments allow them to submit external proposals through the UB Sponsored Projects Services Office are eligible to apply.

Review Process

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and the Proteomics and Bioanalysis Core will review proposals according to these general criteria (100 point scale):

  • Scientific, scholarly, or creative merit (30 points)
  • Innovation and potential impact (15 points)
  • Project investigative team (15 points)
  • Potential for generating external funding (40 points)

In addition to the general criteria, reviewers also will evaluate based on quality and the extent to which the project truly take advantages of novel proteomics techniques. We encourage you to leverage current resources or departmental/school cost-sharing to ensure the success of the project.

Award Terms

Applicants can request Proteomics Core vouchers for projects of no more than a 1-year duration. Prior to issuance of the award, all necessary regulatory approvals must be in place. A final report is due within 60 days after the conclusion of the funding period, summarizing the results in relation to the applicant's stated goals.

We will track external funding success related to a Proteomics Core award.

  • The awardees are required to report annually on proposals submitted and awards granted for three years.
  • Within 18 months of the project start date, awardees must sent an application for extramural funding to the OVPRED, as well as the sponsor reviews. 
  • The external application must have a proteomics aim and a budget for the Proteomics Core that has been approved by the Core Director. 

When external funding is awarded, the proteomics aim and associated budget may not be reduced except on a prorata basis if the budget was generally reduced by the agency.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

To apply submit the following documents as a single PDF to Kenneth Tramposch @

  • The application should include a 3-page description of the project clearly showing that the proteomics aim will enhance the competitiveness of a planned external funding application.  
  • In addition, attach biosketches for the PI and other key personnel including current and pending funding.  

Applicants should discuss their projects with Proteomics Core Director, Professor Jun Qu @ prior to submission.