Providing Access to Campus Visitors

Researchers come to UB for several reasons. They are consultants, collaborators, visiting scholars and members of delegations. They might visit laboratories, present at conferences/lectures/seminars, attend athletic or arts events, and volunteer in hospitals or on campus.

Some of these visitors will engage in activities that require an export license, and for these, we need to practice due diligence by reviewing the guests and their plans. You need to check their names against government restricted lists as well as to provide an export license for those who might need one.

If someone will have access to a research laboratory that normally is not open to the public (i.e., you lock the doors at night), you must clear all members of the group before they visit the lab. This is particularly important if the lab has a Technology Control Plan in place.

Please check with the university's export control office well in advance of the visit, so we can addresss any issues in a timely fashion.

Alternatively, your departmental export control liaison can clear your visitors if there are procedures in place prior to the visit. Your departmental export control liaison or chair can work with the export control office to set up this process.