Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (CIRC)

The university has created a Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (CIRC) to stay on top of federal regulations and help faculty with compliance issues in financial disclosure. 

A conflict of interest (COI) in research exists when an investigator has a significant financial interest or a significant obligation to another organization that could potentially bias research.

  • Ex. An investigator who is a paid consultant for a company that also sponsors the investigator's research study.

Investigator obligations:

  1. The investigator and a reviewer in his/her dean's office draft a conflict-of-interest (COI) management plan for the CIRC committee.
    • This ensures the plan is developed with the investigator's input and that of someone familiar with his or her specific research culture.
  2. CIRC reviews the draft plan or develops a management plan if needed.
  3. At minimum, an approved plan requires full disclosure of any sponsor relationships to:
    • Colleagues on the study;
    • Research participants; and
    • In any publications or presentations.

Read more about UB's Investigator Conflict of Interest Policy. 

CIRC Committee Members

The CIRC is comprised of well qualified, senior faculty from each of the UB schools and colleges as well as the Research Institute on Addictions. These individuals were recommended by their units and appointed by the vice president for research and economic development.

  • Joseph Balthasar, Associate Dean for Research, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Yu-Ping Chang, Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing
  • Catherine Dulmus, Associate Dean for Research, School of Social Work
  • Gregory Fabiano, Associate Dean for Research, Graduate School of Education
  • William Kross, Associate Dean for Research, School of Management
  • Kenneth Leonard, Director, Research Institute on Addictions
  • Linda Bovino, Associate Dean, School of Architecture and Planning
  • Mulchand Patel, Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Albert Titus, Chair, Biomedical & Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • John Wilson, Professor, Exercise & Nutrition Science, Public Health and Health Professions 
  • Anne Meyer, Associate Dean for Research, School of Dental Medicine

UB COI Administrator provides administrative support to CIRC.