Greiner Residence Hall 360°

Want to view examples of where you’ll be living at UB? Experience our housing options via 360° panoramic images on your PC, phone, or virtual reality headset.

How to view images

From your PC or Phone - To view a 360-degree image using a browser window, click on the thumbnail to open the 360 image viewer.  Full resolution images can be large, so depending on your connection speed you may have to wait for the image to load completely. Once the image appears, you may use your mouse, finger or arrow keys (depending on your device) to pan the viewpoint.

Using a VR Headset (iOS or Android) - A headset is a great way to view 360-degree and virtual reality (VR) content and a first step into the world of VR. Launch your web browser and click on the thumbnail to open the 360 image that you want to view. Click the thumbnail of the image to open the image viewer. After the image loads, you will see a headset icon next to the full screen icon.  Click the icon and insert your device into your headset to view the image in VR.

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Greiner Hall Double.

Greiner Hall Double

Greiner Hall Bathroom/Suite View.

Greiner Hall Bathroom/Suite View

Common Areas

Greiner Hall Floor Lounge.

Greiner Hall Floor Lounge

Greiner Hall Main Lobby Area.

Greiner Hall Main Lobby Area

Greiner Hall Floor Kitchen.

Greiner Hall Floor Kitchen

Greiner Hall Standard Floor Hallway.

Greiner Hall Standard Floor Hallway

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