Video Graphics

The graphics outlined below should be used with the standards and best practices listed on the video page.

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Long-Form Video (2-3 minutes)

Used at the opening of a long-form video (2-3 minutes), the following opening title options incorporate official brand typefaces and logo lockups. Each version is available in blue or gray and is designed to appear across the first few seconds of a video. 

An opening title panel isn’t necessary on social media videos or other short-form videos that are less than two minutes long.

Opening Title Variations

Choose one of the following title variations, based on the information required. 

Lower-Third Variations

The following options can be used for captioning or to identify the people, places or events on screen.

The UB “Bug”

Maintaining an interlocking UB at the bottom right-hand corner of the frame is essential for identifying the university throughout the run-time of your video. It should expand for a moment at the beginning of the video to reveal the full university name within the stacked master brand lockup , then return to the original interlocking UB for the remainder of the video. 

Videos With Text Overlays

View standards and guidance for text overlays here

End Panel

Make this graphic your video’s closing frame to underscore your UB affiliation and provide useful web and social media information. Use either a static or animated version at the end of all videos produced on behalf of the university.