Prideful Campus Posters*

This series presents a variety of inspiring views from UB’s three campuses. Posters are printed to order and designed to fit in a standard 24" x 18" or 36" x 24" frame.

On this page:

Posters are available for internal purchase only, using university funding such as State, UBF or RF. Personal purchases cannot be accommodated.

Ordering Procedure

Step 1: Choose a poster and note the name and option number (i.e., Davis Hall, Option 1).

Step 2: Click on the order button above.

Step 3: When you are on the Print Services website, click on “Order Online.”

Step 4: Registration is required for ordering. How-to Help Documentation is linked at the bottom for new registrants.

Step 5: After log in, select “New Order” from the top navigation, then “Printing Order.” From there select “Posters” and fill in the form as follows:

  • Poster Size: 24x36.
  • Job Name: Enter the prideful poster name and option number and number of posters.
  • Document width x height and stock are pre-populated.
  • Next screen: Select finishing (optional foam board mounting or lamination).
  • Next screen: Skip attaching file. Print Services already has print-ready files.
  • Next screen: Fill in billing and delivery information.
  • Submit your order by clicking Finish, or Save As Quote to return later and submit.

Poster Image Options

Choose from the following options. Be sure to reference the number of your selection when placing your order.

Horizontal Posters

Vertical Posters

Little Victor Posters