Research Poster Template

Presenting research findings at an academic meeting? Create your poster using these UB-branded templates, which include accessible and optimally accessible versions in both print and digital formats.

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A student presenting a poster that uses UB's research poster template.

An example of a printed research poster.

Printable Poster Templates

These customizable PowerPoint templates are available in the following sizes only: 24'' x 18'', 36'' x 48'', 41'' x 36'', 42'' x 40'', 48'' x 36''.

If a different size is required than what is available here, you may adjust the template as needed, but do not stretch or modify the master brand mark or crest within the template.

Download files:
Print your poster on campus.

For best results, print your research poster through University Print Services. This is UB's preferred, on-campus vendor with lower costs than outside vendors and an experienced staff to help you. 

A student presenting a poster using UB's digital poster template.

An example of a digital poster presented on a freestanding digital display.

Digital Display Template

The digital version is designed for presentations on flat-panel HD displays in a 16:9 ratio. Do not use this version for printed displays.

Download file:
Do not use this template to create a printed poster.

This template is designed only for digital display applications, such as on a smart TV.  University Print Services cannot print this version of the poster template.

Template Accessibility

Each template file has two poster versions, one that is “accessible” and another that is “optimally accessible.” While both versions are accessible, the “optimally accessible” version relies on patterns rather than color to visually differentiate the regions within the charts and graphs, which is better for certain types of color blindness.

Accessibility Training Available

A free online educational resource is available through Deque University to improve your web accessibility knowledge and skill set. The full curriculum contains over 30 courses on creating accessible documents, testing and more, which are extremely valuable skills for web developers, content editors and all faculty and staff who create online materials.

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