Using Descriptive Text

Within higher education, it can be difficult to develop a truly unique statement that avoids clichés. Descriptive text and/or taglines can also detract from the master brand and sub-brands, adding a supplemental message without adding value. Thus, in general, these types of statements used repetively with the unit's identity are not permitted.

Permissible Uses

New York's Flagship

The phrase "New York's Flagship" has been used to describe UB's status and is a point of pride. It is not considered a tagline and should never be locked up with the master brand logo or unit identity. When used, extended clear space should be observed around the phrase, regardless of application (ex. merchandise vs. brochure).

Short-Term Taglines

Occasionally, there may be a business case for using celebratory or campaign-specific taglines, such as “Our place. Our way. Our future.” (Boldly Buffalo campaign) or “50 Years of CSE” (Department of Computer Science and Engineering’s anniversary celebration). These short-term taglines must be approved by University Communications. Furthermore, they must never be used in close conjunction with the interlocking UB, the master brand lockup or unit-specific lockups. Taglines should instead be treated as a separate element that adheres to the extended clear space rule.

“Here is how” is not a tagline.

“Here is how” should never be used as a tagline. Nor should it be used on its own as a sentence, except in key pieces developed by or in consultation with University Communications.