Using Whiteboards on Zoom

Collaborate visually with built-in templates or start from scratch: whiteboards allow hybrid and remote teams to work together before, during, and after Zoom meetings. Create, access, and share your digital whiteboards.


  1. Sign into your Zoom account using the Zoom client on your device or web browser
  2. Select the Whiteboards tab, and choose New Whiteboard to start a whiteboard
  3. To view your whiteboards, select  My Whiteboards. You can also select Shared with Me to view whiteboards that have been shared with you
  4. To share a digital whiteboard you created, open the whiteboard you wish to share, select  Share, and type the contact or email you wish to share the board with

Common Questions

Can I use whiteboards on a mobile device?

Zoom Whiteboards can only be viewed and edited when using the Zoom mobile app on a tablet or iPad. When using the Zoom mobile app on a smaller mobile device, such as a phone, you will only be able to view Zoom Whiteboards.

How long do my whiteboards remain before they are deleted?

Whiteboards will be moved to the trash after 180 days (the same retention used for cloud recordings).

From Zoom:

  • Once a whiteboard is moved to trash, you can recover it from the Trash tab and the clock is reset:
    1. Click the ellipsis (three dots)
    2. Select Remove from Trash icon
  • You can safeguard your whiteboards by starring them so they won't be deleted

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