Zoom Apps

Enhance your Zoom meetings with “Zoom Apps.” UB has pre-approved some apps for use by the campus community, while others may be requested.

Add a Zoom App

  1. Sign into the Zoom desktop application
  2. In the Apps tab select Add Apps and then Approved Apps to see the apps available to you
  3. Click Get

Common Questions

How do I request apps not currently on the list of Approved Apps?

Ask your IT support team to fill out the  Software and Web-Based Services Vendor Assessment Request (VAR). If an app is approved, it will be added to UB Zoom and you will receive an email from Zoom letting you know the app is available.

What happens if my app request is declined?

Zoom will send an email letting you know the request was declined. You may also receive an email from UBIT explaining which app or process to use for the desired feature. 

Why would UBIT decline an app request?

As a matter of policy, UB does not allow the use of unsupported third-party apps with UB services (like Zoom) when those apps transmit data over the internet to a third-party server. This practice, which these add-ons engage in, can create dangerous security flaws that put UB networks and data at risk. UBIT is committed to providing the best possible technology while keeping our campus community and its data safe.

Need help? Contact the UBIT Help Center or your departmental IT support.